Project Dor, team Enactus Kirori Mal’s first project, takes the initiative of addressing the much neglected environmental impact caused by the production and disposal of fast fashion, by introducing indigenous, zero-waste, and sustainable fashion products.

The tagline of the project, “Khushiyon ki Dor” means ‘A thread making lives better and happier’ for the ones that are running the project and also for the ones who are buying its products.The female migrant workers from Bihar and Jharkhand are currently running the project under the supervision of Enactus Kirori Mal. These ladies used to live on railway tracks before the government provided houses and Enactus KMC gave them this entrepreneurial opportunity. “Through Enactus, our economic and health conditions have improved. Since the inception of Dor, we have learned the intricacies of the art of tie and dye, which is now a part of our personalities” says Sushila Ji, one of the community members who is running the project.

Dor, meaning thread, is mindful of clothing and constantly works for ways in which it can be made better. Even the defective products are reused to make small cloth bags, thereby making Dor, a zero waste and sustainable project. Started with manufacturing scarves, the product range now also includes cushion covers, dupattas and mini cloth bags or potlis. “At Enactus Kirori Mal” says Ritika Jajoo, “We believe that sustainability should be universal in every step of our production for which we are working every day”

In conversation with Ritika Jajoo,
3rd year – Political Science, President, Enactus Kirori Mal